Cuban Ambassador participates in Women in Foreign Policy event

Cuban Ambassador participates in Women in Foreign Policy event

London, 10 March.- The Cuban Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Bárbara Montalvo, participated in an event hosted by Canning House on women in diplomacy. The conference, held online and moderated by Canning House's CEO, Cristina Cortés, also featured the Ambassadors of Nicaragua and Panama in the United Kingdom, and the Special Envoy for gender equality at the Britain's Foreign Office.

Montalvo addressed the main challenges faced by women in global diplomacy as well as the difference that having female voices at a negotiating table makes, where women can contribute, among other elements, understanding, flexibility, warmth of tone, which are skills they use and develop in everyday life. Furthermore, she exemplified the practices and measures implemented by the Caribbean Island in order to further promote gender equality, particularly in the diplomatic sector, where women are the majority.

Finally, on the basis of her extensive career, the Cuban Ambassador shared some of her personal experiences that may serve as an example to future generations of female diplomats.

Canning House is a London-based think-tank specializing in Latin America economy, politics and social issues.

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