Cuban Ambassador is received by the Deputy Minister of International Relation and Cooperation.

Cuban Ambassador is received by the Deputy Minister of International Relation and Cooperation.

Namibia, January 31st, 2019- Cuban Ambassador, Sidenio Acosta Aday, was received by the Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of Namibia, H.E. Christine Hoebes, at the headquarters of that Ministry. This first meeting between them happened in the usual climate of brotherhood that characterizes the historical ties between the two countries.

Both diplomats exchanged about the excellent state of bilateral relations and the different ways to continue strengthening those ties.

In this regard, details were finalized for the celebration of the Fourth Session of the Joint Working Group, which will take place in Havana between February 11th and 13th. Deputy Minister Christine Hoebes, who chairs the Group by the Namibian side, expressed her satisfaction at the meeting and her first visit to Cuba.

The Joint Working Group between Cuba and Namibia meets annually, alternated between the two countries. On the Cuban side, the Group is chaired by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Ileana Núñez.

At another moment of the meeting, the Cuban Ambassador updated the Namibian leader on Cuba's national news, the political situation in Latin America and the resurgence of the US blockade. He also thanked Namibia's unconditional support for Cuba in its fight for the lifting of that genocidal policy of the United States.

The Vice Minister thanked the information provided. He also said that Namibia will continue supporting Cuba, in gratitude for the sacrifices of the Cuban people for the independence of their country. He also expressed his condolences for the human and material losses caused by the tornado that affected Havana.

The meeting was also attended by officials of our Embassy and other leaders of the Namibian Foreign Ministry.

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