Cuban ambassador receives representatives of the Nigerian Union of Allied Health Professionals.

Nigeria, February 18th, 2023.- The Cuban ambassador to Nigeria, Clara M. Pulido Escandell, received at the headquarters of the Cuban diplomatic mission in Abuja, comrade Marthin Adekunle Egbanubi, Secretary General of the Nigerian Union of Allied Professionals of the Health (NUAHP)

The moment was propitious to address issues of common interest, on regional and international topic, common interests in the search to deepen relations between the CTC and this Nigerien union. The Cuban ambassador explained about the great party that is celebrated in Cuba on Workers' Day, each May 1st, and the large number of friends of our people who participate in the event, elements of interest to those present.

The NUAHP is a union that unites and represents professionals from different areas of the Nigerian health sector. One of its objectives is to defend the interests of its members and demand the best ways to increase the health rates of the Nigerian people.

The Cuban Ambassador thanked the visit and highlighted the good state of the existing friendship and solidarity relations.

The General Secretary of the NUAHP was accompanied by officials of this Union and the Cuban counselor Pavel Bauzá participated too.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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