Cuban Ambassador says goodbye to Iraqi authorities

The Cuban Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran and concurrent in the Republic of Iraq, Vladimir González Quesada, said goodbye to the Arab country’s authorities on the occasion of the next end of his mission in Tehran. In this regard, the diplomat sent two letters to the Iraqi President, Mohammad Fuad Masum, and to the Foreign Minister, Ibrahim Al-Eshaiker Al-Jaafari.


In his messages, the Head of Mission told the two senior leaders of the Mesopotamian nation that it had been an honor to have been accredited on March 16th, 2015 as the first Cuban Ambassador to the Iraqi government, after 12 years without having had envoys in the respective capitals, and to have worked during the last two and a half years in favor of the promotion of bilateral relations between Cuba and Iraq.


The Ambassador also hoped that his successor, for whom had already been requested the correspondent agreement, would have the necessary support from the Iraqi authorities to carry out his important work.


Cuba and Iraq have historically maintained good relations, which were affected by the intervention of US and its allies in this country, in April 2003, which forced to close the diplomatic mission of the Island in Baghdad, being one of the last to do so. 

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