Cuban ambassador talks with director at Lebanese Foreign Ministry

Beirut, June 10, 2021. Ambassador Alexander Pellicer Moraga held a fruitful meeting with Ghady Khoury, Director General of Political and Consular Affairs of the Lebanese Foreign Ministry, with whom he exchanged on issues of bilateral interest.

The Cuban Ambassador handed over to his Lebanese counterpart the draft resolution against the blockade which will be presented on June 23 before the United Nations General Assembly, and which is expected to receive, once again, the majority support of the international community.

Pellicer Moraga emphasized the importance of denouncing the policy of economic siege against Cuba, intensified during the Trump administration and in the midst of the pandemic, with the imposition of 243 new measures, which remain intact to date, despite President Biden's promise to implement a change of policy towards the island.

For his part, Khoury expressed that his country will continue to support Cuba in its just demand for the lifting of the blockade, while stressing that Lebanon's position is one of principle and this will not change.

The Cuban resolution against the blockade, which has been presented uninterruptedly since 1992, had to be postponed last year due to the incidence of the pandemic in New York City and the world. (Embacuba Líbano)

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