Cuban and Maori representatives analyze possibilities for cooperation.

Wellington, July 22- The Cuban Ambassador, Edgardo Valdés, received in his residence the envoy of King Maori, Tuheitia Potatau Te Wherowhero VII, his eldest son Ariki Tamaroa Whatumoana Teaa.


He was accompanied by the King's Chief of Staff and other Maori personalities. On the Cuban side, Dalila Vázquez, First Secretary and Consul also participated.


In a friendly atmosphere, they discussed the Cuban health system, Cuba's confrontation against COVID 19 and the international cooperation offered by the island, as well as the King's actions regarding the well-being of the Maori people, the characteristics and strengths of the Maori economy, particularly in food production and logging.


Ariki Tamaroa Whatumoana extended the Ambassador an invitation from the King to visit him shortly, an honor that was accepted and appreciated by the Cuban diplomat.


As a result of the meeting, they identified several areas of possible cooperation in which both parties will start working immediately.


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