Cuban antiterrorists Gerardo and René welcomed at several venues in London

UNITED KINGDOM, July 11, 2016.- As part of their travel across the country, Gerardo and René toured the British Capital today. In the morning, they visited the headquarters of Morning Star newspaper, to grant an interview to the newspaper that they used to read and share during the 16 years of unjust US prison.

Both antiterrorist fighters visited the Parliament of Westminster in the afternoon, where, in the company of Cuban Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Teresita Vicente Sotolongo, they received an explanation about the history and operation of this legislative institution by Baroness Gloria Hooper.

Gerardo and Rene met with several MPs and Lords at Westminster, members of the multiparty Group on Cuba, and its president Cat Smith, and welcomed the invitation extended by 25 of them to come to the country. With moving words they expressed that the struggle for the their liberation along with their other 3 brothers, had been a contribution to justice, thanks to which today we were all a little freer. They also acknowledged that the first encouraging letter they received in prison came from Britain, sent by Father Geoffrey Bottoms, chairman of the committee for the liberation of the Five in this country.

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party leader, Chancellor John McDonnell and Baroness Angela Smith, were among the parliamentarians. On the occasion, the Labour leader summed up the meaning of the Cuban Five’s attitude during the years of incarceration, as well as the solidarity they inspired in the movement itself on their support.

At nightfall, Britain's Largest Specialist Transport Union, RMT, in coordination with the Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba, welcomed Gerardo and Rene, where they were also praised by representatives of other unions of the British trade union movement. The Cuban heroes corresponded with their appreciation for the support they had given them, since that way they had "placed themselves on the right side of history". (Embacuba UK)

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