Cuban Artist's Work in Temporary Exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna

Cuban Artist's Work in Temporary Exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna

Vienna, November 6, 2023. The self-portrait, "La Virgen", by Cuban artist May Reguera is included in the exhibition "Women in Ibero-America: Photographic Perspectives for a New Century", which is on display at the United Nations headquarters in Vienna from today until November 10.

A diversity of views and sensibilities focused on the rich reality of the immense geographic scope that encompasses Ibero-American culture are presented in this exhibition, which is made up of these photographs that have their own personality, emanate creativity and novelty and are proof of the quality of the visual arts and the wide creative range of current photography in Ibero-America.

The exhibition, which contains pieces from 15 countries, is promoted by the Ibero-American Club in Vienna with the aim of showing both the creative work and the reality of women in Ibero-America. In addition to Cuba, portraits from Andorra, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay are included.

May Reguera's piece, which is part of the theatrical series "Rojo" (Red), which combines photography, dramatic arts and costume designs conceived for the theater, has also been exhibited in Spain and Havana as part of the group show "Desde otra óptica" (From Another Point of View).

Cuba's participation in the collective project is part of the activities for the Day of Cuban Culture developed by the Embassy, with the aim of enhancing the values of our country in an artistic manifestation of great tradition and quality.

The inauguration, which took place at the Vienna International Center, to which the accredited diplomatic corps and United Nations officials were invited, was attended by Ambassador Pablo Berti Oliva and part of the Cuban Embassy staff.


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