Cuban children residing in Lebanon participate in "Cuba Va Conmigo" contest

Beirut, October 4, 2021. Cuban children and teenagers living in Lebanon are taking part in the international visual arts contest Cuba Goes with Me, organized by the National Council of Culture Houses of the Cuban Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The competition will be held in the categories of drawing, painting, cartoon, photography and audiovisual, the latter not exceeding 5 minutes. The theme will be free. Always representing what they know about Cuba, its history, culture, landscape, games, sports, social life, customs, etc. Each participant may compete with a maximum of three works.

The jury will be composed of renowned artists and Visual Arts Methodologists of the National Council of Casas de Cultura de Cuba, two prizes and two mentions will be awarded for each level of participation according to the age of the contestants. (Embacuba Líbano)


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