The Cuban Consulate in Toronto celebrates International Women's Day

The General Consulate of Cuba in Toronto celebrated International Women's Day together with members of the Juan Gualberto Gómez Association of Cuban Residents in Canada, the Canadian Network on Cuba, the CCFA-Toronto, the Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network and friends of our country.

Consul Tania Valenzuela made a presentation on the new Family Code; while Julio Fonseca, president of the Association of Cuban Residents and the Consul General, Jorge Yanier Castellanos, congratulated the female attendees and the female members of the solidarity groups therein represented for their unconditional support to the people of Cuba.

A message and allegorical video sent by the National Directorate of the Federation of Cuban Women was shared with those present. They also enjoyed a cultural moment by the Cuban resident in Toronto Isidro Batista Martínez Paneque, who performed a song of his own entitled "La ilusión del Hombre", dedicated to Cuban women.

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