Cuban Consulate in Toronto participates in the celebration of the birth anniversary of Simón Bolívar and Hugo Chávez.

Members of the Cuban Consulate in Toronto participated in the activity organized by the Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle and the Hugo Chavez Front to commemorate in front of the Bolivar monument in Trinity Bellwood Park, the 239th anniversary of the birth of Simon Bolivar and the 68th of Commander Hugo Chavez.

Among words, songs and poems, a well-deserved tribute was paid to both Latin American leaders, while recognizing the work of the governments of Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Mexico to continue working for the union of the peoples of the Americas. The speeches also acknowledged the solidarity and revolutionary vocation of the Cuban people and government.

On the other hand, General Consul Jorge Yanier Castellanos Orta, reiterated Cuba's latent recognition and affection for both Venezuelan leaders, for President Nicolás Maduro and the Venezuelan and Latin American peoples, as well as our willingness to continue working for the unity and well-being of our America. The Cuban Consul Yoslaidy Clemente López also participated on the Cuban side.


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