Cuban Embassy attends Viva! Bradford online solidarity meeting

London, July 17.- The first secretary of the Cuban Embassy in charge of Cultural, Academic and Scientific Affairs, Michel Rodríguez, participated this Saturday in an online meeting with a solidarity group from the city of Bradford.

At the event, the diplomat informed the group about the situation in Cuba in the context of the intensification of the blockade and the complex epidemiological situation due to the Covid19. He also denounced the political-communication operation manufactured and conducted from abroad which led to violent disturbances headed by criminal elements with a view to creating the false impression of a social uprising in a country in chaos and requesting a humanitarian intervention in Cuba.

He highlighted that, in the midst of a pandemic peak which is affecting the whole world, the health indicators of the Caribbean Island are better than the world average. Despite the efforts made by the Cuban authorities, he said, the effects of the measures imposed by the Trump administration to tighten the blockade are being felt.  These measures have remained unchanged under the Biden government.

For his part, the director of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC), Rob Miller, addressed the activities of the Campaign in raising funds to send aid to Cuba to help fight the pandemic, and the support of several members of the British Parliament to the end of the US blockade on Cuba.

The first secretary also emphasized the importance of international solidarity at this time to denounce the media war against Cuba and demand the end of the blockade. He also thanked the countless expressions of support from the solidarity movement with Cuba in the United Kingdom.

 Viva! Bradford is a group that supports and raises awareness of progressive social movements in Latin America and the Caribbean 



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