The Cuban Embassy in Canada attended the XV Pan American Volleyball Cup.

The Cuban men's volleyball team swept their U.S. opponents in their third match during the XV Pan American Cup, held in Canada. This action positioned the Cuban team as undefeated in Group A of this event and took them straight to the semifinals. The game was attended by the Cuban Ambassador to Canada, Hector Igarza and several members of the mission's staff, who supported the performance of the Antilleans.


At the end of the game, the Cuban Ambassador held a meeting with the athletes, where he congratulated them for their dedication on the field and the three consecutive victories in the event. He also invited them to continue to achieve success in their combat trench, which is sports. For his part, middle blocker Liván Osoria, one of the most outstanding figures of the Cuban team, offered a few words to the Cuban Embassy, stating that they dedicate their victories to the people of Cuba and especially to the people of Matanzas, which recently suffered a major fire that caused deaths and injuries. Osoria also said that their sacrifice in the field is the way to support the people of Matanzas and Cuba as a whole.


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