Cuban Embassy commemorates the 97th anniversary of the birth of the greatest of Cubans.

Nigeria, August 11st, 2023.- On the eve of commemorating the 97th anniversary of the birth of the universally renowned Cuban revolutionary, the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro, the group of the Cuban embassy in Nigeria gathers around the Cuban Flag and the bust of the apostle, José Martí, to pay tribute to him.

The act began with the notes of the Cuban National Anthem and was presided by the Cuban ambassador designated for Nigeria, Miriam Morales Palmero and the General Secretary of the PCC nucleus, Cr. Yunio Carrero.

A Nigerian professional, graduated in Cuba, Emmanuel shared with those present different poems by Cuban authors that highlight Fidel's legacy and the love that the Cuban people and other sister nations feel for the undefeated Commander.

Carilda's Canto a Fidel resounded in the soul: …

Thanks for being real.

thank you for making us men

thanks for taking care of the names

who has freedom...

Thank you for your dignity

thank you for your faithful rifle,

by your pen and your paper,

for your male groin.

Thanks for your heart.

Thanks for everything Fidel!

The simple but solemn tribute ended with the words of the Cuban diplomat, who highlighted the value of Fidel's example for all generations and invited to continue deepening the study on the life of the leader of the Cuban revolution and above all his legacy and actions to Africa.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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