Cuban Embassy in Liberia commemorates 127th anniversary of the start of the Cuban war of independence.

Monrovia, February 24, 2022 - February 24 marks the 127th anniversary of the beginning of the armed action organized by José Martí to achieve the independence of Cuba, which has been called the War of 95, the Necessary War or the Cuban War of Independence.

Uniting the new pines with the old pines could only be done by a man like José Martí, who managed to get Cubans to put aside their personal differences for the greater goal of seeing Cuba free.

This event was of great historical importance. It demonstrated the capacity of sacrifice of the Cuban people and it contributed to the development of the Cuban military art.

Today his legacy is more valid than ever, when the revolutionary people ratify their support for the continuity of the ideas of Martí and Fidel and energetically combat the media defamation campaigns against the Revolution. In honor of the legacy of our great heroes the cry that is merited today is "Homeland or death!"


Embacuba Liberia.

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