Cuban Embassy in Liberia receives visit from Advisor to the Liberian Foreign Minister for American Affairs

Liberia, January 3, 2020.- The Cuban Embassy in Liberia received the visit of Mr. Maxwell P. Vah, Assistant Foreign Minister for American Affairs, who offered a warm welcome to the Chargé d'Affaires of the Cuban diplomatic mission Mercedes L. Martínez Herrera.

It was a fruitful meeting in which topics of interest of the bilateral agenda were discussed and in which both parties expressed their willingness to continue strengthening the links that unite Cuba and Liberia.  
The Liberian diplomat expressed the interest of the African nation to strengthen and advance more in the relations of bilateral collaboration.

For her part, the Cuban Head of Mission expressed her gratitude for the visit of the distinguished representative of the Liberian Foreign Ministry and reiterated her willingness to promote the diversification of the areas of cooperation, for the benefit of both countries.

This meeting confirmed the good state of diplomatic relations between Cuba and Liberia and the willingness to increase bilateral exchange for the benefit of both nations.


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