Cuban Embassy in Liberia thanks friends in solidarity for attending the virtual conference "Cuba for Life".

Monrovia, March 25, 2021.- Members of the Liberia-Cuba solidarity group graduated from Cuba followed with attention the virtual conference "Cuba for Life: Experiences in confronting COVID-19" promoted by the "Sao Paulo Forum" as part of the Campaign #BlockadeNoSolidarityYes.

The event was an excellent occasion to note the signs of solidarity of brothers and sisters around the world, and the recognition of our science and health experts for the work they do.

Convened and organized by the Executive Secretariat and the Working Group of the Sao Paulo Forum, in coordination with the Communist Party of Cuba, the online event developed the exchange on the Cuban strategy in the confrontation of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as on the biotechnological development in the country, specifically focused on Cuban vaccine candidates against SARS-CoV-2.

The main topics of the meeting were also shared the experiences of the solidarity collaboration of the Cuban Medical Brigades of the International Contingent "Henry Reeve" in the confrontation of the pandemic in several countries of the world.


Embacuba Liberia.


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