Cuban Embassy in Ottawa Celebrates Cuba National Culture Day

Ottawa, October 25, 2017. Today evening the Cuban Embassy in Ottawa hosted a concert by renowned Cuban singer-songwriter Gerardo Alfonso to celebrate Cuba National Culture Day.

More than a hundred people attended the event, including senators, members of Parliament, Global Affairs officials, Cubans residents in Montreal and Ottawa, and friends of Cuba. In his opening remarks, the Ambassador of Cuba to Canada, Julio Garmendía, referred to the role of culture in the construction of Cuban nationality and its significance for the Revolution.

As the Cuban diplomat opened the posters exhibition on the US Blockade against Cuba, he explained how this criminal outdated policy has affected the Culture sector for more than 50 years. In this regard, he recalled that next November 1 the world will once again have the opportunity to strongly reject the Blockade at the UN General Assembly.

Gerardo Alfonso touched the hearts of all Cubans attending when he performed some of his anthological songs such as “Sábanas Blancas” and “Son los sueños todavía”.

Paintings by prominent Cuban painters Mariano Rodriguez and Fayad Jamís, and more contemporary artists like Michel Mirabal and Ernesto Villanueva, which are patrimony of the Cuban Embassy, ​​adorned the walls of the reception hall. The most valuable artwork at the Embassy building is a monumental mural painted by renowned Cuban painter Servando Cabrera Moreno right on the spot.

Embassy of Cuba