The Cuban embassy participates in the Dublin Diplomatic Bazaar.

Dublin, Ireland, November 20: The Cuban embassy in Dublin participated last Sunday in the Bazaar of the diplomatic community accredited in the Irish capital, an event organized by the Dublin Mayor's Office and the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, which takes place every year in the complex known as “RDS”.

The bazaar aims to promote relations between the missions that make up the diplomatic corp, expose the cultural and culinary traditions of the participants, as well as contribute to charitable institutions.

This annual experience allows the public to visit the stands of the different participating countries. Visitors of all ages can enjoy traditional products from around the world, while enjoying a day full of fun, performances and entertainment.

The “RDS”, with 10 multi-purpose conference/exhibition rooms, 15 meeting/working group rooms and an open-air stadium, spans more than 22,000 square metres.

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