Cuban Embassy to ratify militant solidarity with the Bolivarian Venezuela

Eve of another violent and destabilizing offensive of the reactionary opposition to the Bolivarian government legitimately headed by president Nicolás Maduro, and under the strongest expression of solidarity with the Bolivarian process organized by Barbadian friends at the Venezuelan Embassy, the Cuban ambassador, Francisco Fernandez, was carrying the message of his government ratifying the unwavering support of brotherhood and internationalism of his people, whose solidarian collaborators who work throughout the entire geography of Venezuela will continue making, no matter the circumstances generated by imperialism and its internal allies.
When he took the floor, after hearing several speeches of political personalities and intellectuals of Barbados, the Cuban diplomat called for redoubling solidarity with Venezuela forged by Bolivar and Chavez, the only way our peoples have to face the aggressive scenario that the conservative forces of the regional right, who handled by its thread from the north, are trying to reverse the revolutionary and progressive processes in our continent.

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