Cuban Embassy in Tehran paid tribute to Marti

Cuban Embassy in Tehran paid tribute to Marti

The members of the Cuban embassy in Tehran met to render a simple, but heartfelt tribute to the National Hero José Marti, on the occasion of the 164th anniversary of his birth.


Immediately after the intoning of the glorious notes of our national anthem, Ambassador Vladimir Gonzalez Quesada took the floor to point out that this would be a commemoration marked by the physical absence of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, who was indeed a convinced devotee of Marti’s ideas. Fidel, inspired by the Apostle, decided to start in 1953 the revolutionary movement that culminated victoriously on January 1st, 1959. Vladimir added that for this reason Fidel became the guide of the so-called Centenary Generation.


The Ambassador also said that our modest homage was only another one of the countless tributes paid to Marti in Cuba and many places all around the world, wherever there was a compatriot. He highlighted that on this new anniversary, the traditional March of the Torches was held throughout the Island, this time dedicated not only to the National Hero but also to Fidel and the Cuban youth.


Several poems dedicated to the Apostle were recited by members of the group, who afterwards became spectators of two film materials related to this important patriotic event to give an end to the activity. 

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