Cuban émigrés attentive to help their native country

By Roberto Morejón

A number of Cuban emigrants abroad have responded, in their own way, to a solidarity movement in different parts of the planet to help the Cuban population in hard times of hard shortages.

As a result of the enormous expenditure on account of the state budget to mitigate the effects of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, the Caribbean nation has seen its capacity to purchase goods and raw materials decline.

In addition, the tightening of the U.S. blockade makes life in this Caribbean country more complex, because even with money in hand, government officials had to act under very adverse conditions to contract basic supplies.

Cuban emigrants in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world have pooled funds to obtain and send to Havana food, syringes and medicines, among other items.

These are actions that deserve recognition and this has been expressed by Cubans living in the Caribbean archipelago, who are aware that sometimes emigrants gather supplies in hostile circumstances.

Groups of Cubans associated with the fierce aggressiveness of the United States do their utmost to torpedo the efforts of those who left their native country, mainly for economic reasons, and from their new place of life they accompany the land of José Martí.

While that is happening, Cuba has updated its migratory policy and is moving towards a new stage in those ties, among whose edges emerges the possibility for nationals rooted abroad to establish businesses in this archipelago.

As government officials emphasize, the idea is for Cubans living abroad to be promoters of development and welfare in this country.

As part of the strengthening of these ties, many are waiting for the pending meeting of The Nation and Emigration, postponed because of the pandemic.

Until it can be held, the channels for the community abroad to suggest and give their opinion on how to strengthen ties are being expanded.

It is noted that as part of these efforts, caravans to collect supplies destined for Cuba have arisen.

The strengthening of ties with nationals living abroad is an irreversible process that cannot be sabotaged by minority sectors capable of agreeing with the most inhumane aspects of the U.S. blockade. 

(From Radio Havana Cuba)

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