Cuban experience in cooperatives presented at Workers Day event in Blackball

Blackball, May 1st 2017.- On the occasion Workers Day celebrations, the Ambassador of Cuba, Mario Alzugaray, took part in a seminar on the current situation and future scenarios for the West Coast. Also addressing the audience were Damian O´Conor and Julie - Ann Genter, MP´s from Labour and Green, respectively.  The Mayor of Greymouth, Tony Kokshoorn and known filmmaker and activist Paul Maunder, also attended the event.

Attendees had the opportunity to discuss on the impact of diverse issues for the community in the West Coast, with emphasis in the economic development of the region, the alternatives to the coal industry, as well as local species conservation and environment protection. (Embacuba NZ)

As part of the event, Paul Maunder presented Te Puawai Co-operative Society Limited, an incubator for the promotion of cooperatives, with the goal of exploring an economic transition for the West Coast. Ambassador Alzugaray explained Cuban experience in developing cooperatives, coming from resolutions ratified at the VII Party Congress, with the intention of exploring this modality as part of the update of the Cuban economic model.

Blackball, birthplace of the Labour Party in New Zealand, is a traditionally mining town, located in the West Coast. This region experienced an important economic development from the second half of the 19th century, fuelled by the rise of gold and coal extraction. The decrease in production in these sectors is in the centre of attention of local authorities and unions, which are exploring how to transform the local economy. (Embacuba NZ)

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