Cuban film opens LASFF in Palmerston North.

Palmerston North, September 7. After the successful opening of the Latin America and Spain Film Festival (LASFF) in Wellington on September 1 and the presentation of the Cuban film “Cuentos de Un Día Más” (Tales of One More Day) on the 4th in that city, on Thursday the 7th we inaugurated the festival in Palmerston North, where Cuba is in charge of coordination.

The opening gala was attended by more than one hundred guests, including Mayor Grant Smith, Labor MP Tangi Utikere, and Green Party MP Teanau Tuiono, as well as other political and academic figures, mainly from the Spanish Department at Massey University, which had an important role in the coordination of the event.

A cultural gala took place at the Globe Theater prior to the exhibition of “Tales of One More Day,” which was presented by Ambassador Edgardo Valdés.

The film was well received, and the festival is going very well, with a large turnout from the first day.


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