Cuban flags against the blockade wave in Ireland waved by solidarity hands.

Cuban flags against the blockade wave in Ireland waved by solidarity hands.

Dublin, May 30, 2021. Representatives of various Cuban solidarity organizations and friendly political parties, together with members of the Association of Cuban residents and their families, held today in front of the United States Embassy in this capital a demonstration that demands that the government of President Joe Biden put an end to the criminal policy of economic, commercial and financial blockade against the Cuban people.

Special mention to the participation of fraternal friends members of the Irish Parliament, of former Minister of State Finian McGrath, who led a government delegation to Cuba in 2019, as well as other prominent Irish personalities such as neurosurgeon Dr. David Hickey, former parliamentarians Maureen O'Sullivan and Martina Anderson, regional councilors, among others.

Cuban flags and large posters demanding the end of the blockade waved also in other cities on the island of Ireland shaken by solidarity hands that, in Cork, Derry and Belfast, as in Dublin, urged to the end of the blockade and demanded the international community to massively support a once again the resolution that will be presented at the UNGA on June 23.

Videos of the Dublin city demonstration.

Video of the walk and demonstration in Cork city.

Video of the caravan and protest rally in the city of Belfast.

Images of the demonstration in the city of Derry.

Speech by Deputy Chris Andrews from Sinn Féin.

Speech by the former Minister of State and deputy Finian McGrath.

Speech by the former deputy and former Vice-president of the Irish Parliament's foreign affairs commission Maureen O'Sullivan.

Speech by the former MEP and current parliamentarian in Northern Ireland, Martina Anderson.

Intervention by Dr. David Hickey, neurosurgeon, distinguished by Cuba with the Friendship medal.


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