Cuban Foreign Minister remembers foreign service martyrs.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez paid tribute today to the martyrs of the foreign service on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of diplomat Felix Garcia.

The Cuban Foreign Minister made reference in X, before Twitter, to the horrendous crime committed against García, who was machine-gunned inside his car in the middle of a public street in New York, United States, by the terrorist organization Omega 7.

He added that his country pays tribute today and always to the Foreign Service Martyrs, being faithful to their legacy and the principles they embraced and defended.

According to the Cuban Foreign Ministry, García would be the first foreign diplomat, accredited to the United Nations, to be assassinated in the United States.

A total of 11 martyrs of the Caribbean nation's foreign service have been violently murdered by terrorist groups in different parts of the world. The United States, the nation that keeps Cuba on an arbitrary list of countries sponsoring terrorism, is where most of these attacks have been perpetrated.

In April 2020, the embassy of the Antillean island in Washington received an attack with a firearm, where nobody lost their lives, but on which the U.S. Government did not issue any statement of condemnation.

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