Cuban Foreign Minister Urges US President Joe Biden to Lift Blockade

Havana, Sept 21 (ACN) President Joe Biden should be consistent with the respect he asked for today at the United Nations Organization and put an end to the blockade, said Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez.

On his Twitter account, the top government Cuban official urged the US President to honor his statements which favored the sovereignty and integrity of the states.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden addressed participants at the General Debate of the 77th Session of the UN General Assembly to insist in the respect of the integrity of sovereign states, particularly focusing on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Biden’s statements did not refer to the sanctions imposed against Cuba, despite permanent demands by the participants at the UN session to lift the blockade on the Caribbean island nation.

Several representatives of countries like Argentina, Honduras and Bolivia asked for the lifting of the US policy which violates the human rights of the Cuban people.

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