Cuban Foreign Ministry ratifies that Cuba is a safe country.

Statement by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Government of Canada has decided to change the designation of its Embassy in Havana to an unaccompanied post —according to its statement— as a result of the health concerns reported by some of its diplomats back in 2017.

Cuba ratifies —after an extensive investigation conducted by a group of highly-qualified experts— that there is neither a single shred of evidence to explain the symptoms reported by Canadian diplomats, nor any indication that any attack or incident of any kind had ever occurred on Cuban soil, nor that the symptoms reported are associated with acoustic actions, or with actions of any other kind, carried out by any person or group of persons against other persons.

As stated by the Canadian government, there have been no new incidents over the last six months; the cause remains unknown; there is no evidence to suggest that Canadian travelers to Cuba are at risk; and, environmental assessments do not indicate anything that could point to a cause, all of which is consistent with the opinions of Cuban experts.

The Cuban Government respects the decision taken by the Government of Canada but considers that it is unjustified. It reaffirms, taking full responsibility, that Cuba is a safe, stable and healthy country, not only for its own citizens but for over 5 million international tourists visiting the island every year, including more than 1 million Canadians, and a country where the safety of diplomatic personnel from all countries is guaranteed.

Cuba will continue to work closely with the Government of Canada, as it has so far, through direct diplomatic communication, cooperation between the relevant law enforcement agencies, and with the support of prominent experts, in order to find conclusive explanations to the reported health concerns. To this end, Cuba reiterates its invitation for Cuban and Canadian medical specialists to share the information available, with full respect of the privacy of the persons affected.


Havana, April 18, 2018

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