Cuban Head of Mission in Liberia thanks African Union for for approving the resolution against the blockade to Cuba.

Monrovia, February 10, 2022 - The Head of the Cuban Mission in Liberia, Mercedes L. Martinez Herrera, held an exchange with Mr. Joaquin Sendolo, journalist of the African country.

The occasion was propitious to thank the African Union for its support. For the thirteenth consecutive time, it called at its Summit to lift the prolonged and unjustifiable policy imposed by the US against Cuba. 

While reaffirming its solidarity with Cuba, the African Union recognized that the negative impact of the blockade is worsening and is even more serious in the current context, when Cuba is fighting the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic; and regretted the measures carried out by the US Government since November 9, 2017, which reinforce the blockade and expressed its deep concern over the extension of the extraterritorial nature of the blockade, including the full application of Chapter III of the Helms-Burton Act.

Cuba is grateful for the solidarity and support of the African peoples and governments in the struggle against this genocidal Yankee policy.


Embacuba Liberia

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