Cuban health collaborators in Trinidad and Tobago join the celebrations for July 26th.

Port of Spain July 23, 2022. With emotional political acts, the collaborators of the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) who provide services in the regions of Port of Spain and Eric Williams began the day of celebration for the National Rebellion Day. The notes of the national anthems of the Republic of Cuba and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago were the preamble to the beginning of the activities that were chaired by Tania Diego Olite, Ambassador of Cuba and Dr. Orlando Lázaro Díaz Gómez, coordinator of the BMC. Also present were Julio Joaquin Cabada Ferrera, Counselor of the Diplomatic Mission and Doctors Yaime Vázquez Torres and Abel Yoandri Leyva Kler, coordinators of the BMC of Port of Spain and Eric Williams respectively.

Both moments witnessed the remembrance of the historic deed that later marked the Triumph of our Revolution on January 1st.

The closing remarks were given by the Cuban Ambassador who emphasized that the unity of the Cuban people has been a key factor in the historical course of the Revolution and this unity has made it possible to face the attempts orchestrated by the counterrevolution to destabilize the Cuban Revolution.

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