Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) in Trinidad and Tobago, sends a message of condolences and support to the people of Matanzas.

Port of Spain, August 7, 2022. The BMC that provides collaboration services in Trinidad and Tobago with heartfelt words expressed its unconditional support to the Matanzas people who were victims of the explosion that occurred at the Matanzas Supertanker Base on August 5

They expressed their willingness to the country's medical authorities to attend to the injured in whatever way was necessary. Likewise, they conveyed to the people of Matanzas feelings of humanity and trust in the direction of the country and the competent organizations in the solution of the incident.

They thanked the displays of solidarity and support that Cuba has received from different countries of the world, highlighting the solidarity that emanates daily from the Cuban people in difficult times in which we are capable of turning setbacks into victories.

With a poem dedicated to the Combatants of the fire department and the Red Cross, they thanked and highlighted the altruistic work carried out by this group of men with the honorable mission of saving human and material lives to return to Matanzas the peace of mind that has characterized.

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