Cuban Medical Mission renews its presence in Ghana

The change in the leading of the Cuban Medical Mission in Ghana took place at the Embassy of Cuba in Accra with the presence of the Ambassador Pedro Luis Despaigne González and Dr. Hafez Adam Taher, Head of External Health Cooperation, Ghana Ministry of Health.

The document was signed by Dr. Ana Lubín García, outgoing Head of the Cuban Medical Mission in the country and Dr. Mercedes Suárez Orama, incoming Head, with the presence of incoming and outgoing members of the Cuban Medical Brigade (CMB), as well as member of the staff of the Cuban Diplomatic Mission.

The Cuban Ambassador reviewed the main milestones of the meritorious work carried out in Ghana by the CMB that officially concluded its medical work this day, highlighted the rigor in the fulfillment of its functions by the outgoing Head of the Cuban Medical Mission, highlighted the support provided by the Ghanaian health authorities to the Cuban doctors for the fulfillment of their functions and urged the new doctors to keep up the work carried out by their predecessors.

The members of the CMB expressed their commitment to keep the name of Cuba in a place of honor. (Cubaminrex / Embacuba Ghana)

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