Cuban Medical Team in The Gambia held the 15th National Scientific Meeting


Banjul, September 2, 2016.- Members of the Cuban Medical Team providing services in The Islamic Republic of The Gambia held the 15th National Scientific Meeting at the School of Medicine, attached to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, in this capital.

The opening speech was delivered by Dr. Cecilia Lora Guzman, MD. Head of the Scientific Commission and Head of the Cuban Medical Team, who briefly summarized the work of the Cuban doctors and highlighted the importance of the scientific meeting, fruit of the experience acquired in the different fronts covered by the collaborators to guarantee the healthcare of the Gambian population.

Assembled in three groups: Clinical Sciences, Surgical Sciences and Pedagogical Sciences, the lecturers presented around thirty research projects of great interest and utility for the medical work in this country.
Attending the opening ceremony were the Director General of Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, Professor M.I.A. Khalil, the Cuban Ambassador in The Gambia, H.E. Lázaro Herrera, officials of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, as well as the members of the medical team.

Apart from constitute a great opportunity to share experiences, the meeting was, above all, a genuine sample of the interest of the Cuban collaborators to put all their knowledge and experience to the service of the Gambian population.