The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejects alleged drug trafficking operations through diplomatic note

On 13th April 2020, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba has issued a diplomatic note to the Embassy of the United States in Havana rejecting a statement published in an article by Newsweek magazine on 3rd April 2020 attributed to a "high official" of the United States Department of Defence and according to whom "the United States Intelligence Community has evidence" that drugs are trafficked between Venezuela and Cuba.

Such statement, if actually made, is in complete contrast to the 2020 Department of State's International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, in which it is acknowledged that Cuba is not an significant consumer, producer or transit point of illicit drugs; domestic production and consumption continue to be low due to active surveillance, severe sentences and national prevention and public information programs; Cuba allocates significant resources to prevent the spread and use of illicit drugs and regional traffickers generally avoid Cuba.

The same report acknowledges the favourable results of the Cuban authorities’ intense effort to reduce the supply of drugs and prevent traffickers from establishing a foothold in the national territory.

The report mentions Cuba's international cooperation in fighting illicit drug trafficking and the official bilateral agreements signed, including one with the United States. It emphasizes that, under this agreement, the authorities of both countries share information and coordinate responses to such confrontation.

The US government and its specialized agencies have more than enough elements to deny the defamatory statement attributed to "a high official" of the Department of Defence. The US government has evidence to reaffirm that what was published in Newsweek magazine is not true and is aware that Cuba has a zero-tolerance policy against drug trafficking, while actively taking part in regional and global initiatives and programs to fight narcotics use.


13 April 2020


Source Cubaminrex - (Translation by Embassy of Cuba in United Kingdom)

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