Cuban Mission in Liberia holds consultation meeting on the Family Code Project.

Monrovia, March 4, 2022 - Members of the Electoral Commission of Constituency No. 110, corresponding to the State Mission of Cuba in Liberia, met today at the Embassy headquarters to hold a consultation meeting on the Code of Families.

The Family Code is a document of humanist essence, equality and non-discrimination, it is a code of opportunities and alternatives, of additions and multiplications, which recognizes and guarantees rights to those who did not have them, but in no way affects or limits those already recognized for others. It does not establish molds, nor does it force to choose a family model that is not the one desired by each person.

It is broad and comprehensive, it develops many family institutions with a multiplicity of figures that at some point in the life cycle will be needed, so if you do not like something or do not share it, you should look at the rest for your own benefit.

The Consultation of the Family Code is an expression of the importance given by the Cuban State to the family as the main nucleus of society and constitutes a democratic legislative exercise that intends to portray the current Cuban society in all its diversity and plurality. After analysis by the population, the draft Family Code will be submitted to a referendum before being approved by the National Assembly of People's Power.


Embacuba Liberia.

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