Cuban Music Present in Crossing Border Festival in The Hague

The Hague, November 2, 2018. For the frist time, Cuban music was present in the 26th edition of the Crossing Border Festival hekd in the city of The Hague this year.

Akokán Orchestra was chosen to represent the culture our Island. Honoring the meaning of their name "from the heart",  the musicians won the hearts of those attending the FestivalL with some of the tracks included in their most recent album, recorded in the Areito Studios of Cuba's main recording label EGREM. Among the songs they performed to the enthusiastic audience gathered in the Raven Room were “Otro nivel”, “Mambo Rapidito”, “Un Tabaco para Eleguá” and“Yo Soy para Ti”.

The Ambassador of Cuba in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, H.E. Mrs. Soraya Álvarez Núñez and a representation of the diplomatic mission met with the members of the orchestra moments before the beginning of their presentation, to whom the memebers of Akokán expressed their happiness to be part of this festival. Once more the Cuban music captivated the Dutch audience danced to the rhythm of the traditional sound of this excellent Cuban group.

(EmbaCuba Países Bajos)