Cuban National Rebellion Day is celebrated in Zambia.

Cuban National Rebellion Day is celebrated in Zambia.

Lusaka, July 29, 2023. A representation of the Executive Committee of the Zambia Cuba Parliamentary Friendship Group, the Friendship Associations with Cuba in that country ZACUFA and FRICUZ, and Cubans residing in the Zambian capital, celebrated together with the Cuban Embassy, the 70th Anniversary of the National Rebellion  Day in Cuba.

Marileydis Dueñas Morales, head of the diplomatic mission, thanked the representatives of the groups of friendship with Cuba in Zambia for their presence, composed of in the first case by members of Parliament, chaired by the Hon. Mr. Jamba Machila, and the Associations of Friendship, by former Zambian graduates in Cuba among other friends who support and defend the Cuban Revolution in the African nation.

During her intervention, the ambassador highlighted the historical importance of the date that last July 26 was commemorated in her country and in other latitudes. She said that the attack on the Moncada Barracks led by Fidel Castro failed in its immediate objectives, but taught us to turn setbacks into victories and marked the beginning of the last stage of the struggles of the Cuban people to achieve their true independence on January 1, 1959 with the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

The diplomat also referred to the current situation on the Island, where an updating process is underway with the objective of building an even stronger, more prosperous and sustainable Socialism. She stated that the situation in Cuba is complex, since the international economic crisis is compounded by a US economic, commercial and financial blockade, intensified in recent years, and its unfair inclusion by the US government on the unilateral list of countries sponsoring terrorism with the objective of affecting Cuba economically in an international financial system interconnected and controlled to a large extent by the United States.

She reaffirmed that, despite all the attacks and pressures, the vast majority of the Cuban people maintains its firm decision to defend its revolutionary process and the chosen socialist path, to resist and win because, as President Diaz-Canel said, "the word surrender was erased from the DNA of Cubans”.

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