The Cuban people will triumph

The Cuban people will triumph

Cuba awoke early this January 2 and filled Havana's José Martí Plaza de la Revolución, where the Military Review and March of the Combatant People took place, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the heroic uprising in Santiago de Cuba and the Granma expedition's landing - Revolutionary Armed Forces Day - in honor of Fidel and Cuba's youth.

Since this is a country in Revolution, and history is respected, the first to reach the review stand was a mambi cavalry unit, followed by soldiers representing the militia that heroically fought at Playa Girón in 1961, where imperialism suffered its first defeat in the Americas and socialist Cuba won a great victory.

They were followed by teachers who achieved the historic conquest of eliminating illiteracy in the country. Next came a replica of the Granma yacht, with its 82 expedition members now millions, accompanied by elementary school students who will lead the homeland to a victorious future.

The Military Review saw the Revolutionary Armed Forces' three armies - eastern, central and western - represented, as well as other commands marching in tight ranks displaying their unwavering confidence in victory.

Closing the March of the Combatant People were two blocs from Production and Defense Brigades and the University Militia. Behind them came men, women, children, and youth who inundated the Plaza with their loyalty, commitment, and unity. Cuba marched with its Revolution, with its Comandante en Jefe, whose image is reproduced in the faces of the people.

On the review stand was his brother, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, first Party secretary and President of the Councils of State and Ministers, who observed the people with revolutionary pride. Once again Fidel was heard, in the voice of Jennifer Bello, president of the Federation of University Students, affirming to the people of the world and friends in the Americas, "The Cuban people will triumph."


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