Cuban residents in Sydney attended fundraising event dedicated to Cuba

Sydney, 29th April- More than twenty Cuban citizens attended this Sunday a fundraising event organized at the Uruguayan Club headquarters by solidarity organizations with Cuba in Sydney.

The activity, carried out with the support of the Embassy of Cuba, consisted of a "Cuban Party", in which some passages of the history of Cuba were shown, as well as the most recognized Cuban rhythms, such as rumba and guaguanco, masterfully represented by the Cuban resident "El Moro", who has been exercising as a dancer and dancing teacher in this great city for years.

On the other hand, the Cuban singer María Cuevas entertained the show by performing world famous Cuban songs such as "Quimbara Quimbara" and "El cuarto de Tula". The Ambassador of Cuba, José Manuel Galego Montano, took the opportunity for congratulating her with a "CUBA Award", in recognition to her work while promoting the Cuban culture in Australia during decades.

In the same place but in the morning, the Embassy of Cuba offered consular services as well as an updating on migration issues to a representation of the resident Cuban community, within the framework of an itinerant Consulate that received a very good reception not only by Cubans but Australian citizens interested in traveling as tourists to the island.

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