Cuban State Mission in Namibia Celebrates First May Day.

Cuban State Mission in Namibia Celebrates First May Day.

Namibia, May 1st, 2019- The ambassador of Cuba to Namibia Sidenio Acosta led the celebrations of the Cuban State Mission in that African country. Other members of the island's diplomatic headquarters and collaborators of the different sectors that work in Windhoek, the capital city, also participated in the event.

The participants evoked the multitudinous marches in the squares and avenues of all Cuba. The conquests achieved by the Cuban workers movement during these 60 Years of Revolution were also remembered.

During the celebration, the different speakers reaffirmed the commitment of the Cuban workers to our revolutionary process. Likewise, the resurgence of the United States Blockade and the aggressive rhetoric of the US government against Cuba and Venezuela were condemned.

In this sense, the coup d’état attempt perpetrated by the Venezuelan far right was repudiated. Those present reiterated their support for the legitimate and constitutional government of President Nicolás Maduro. Likewise, Cuban support for the Bolivarian Revolution was reaffirmed and condemnation of the imperialist campaign against Venezuela.

In the act, the role of Lázaro Peña and Commander in Chief Fidel Castro in the defence of the Cuban workers was also remembered.


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