Cuban Swine Fever Vaccine Will Shortly Be Marketed

Cuban scientists are completing the clinical trials to launch into market a new vaccine for the control of classical swine fever (CSF), a disease that has been severely affecting pig breeding in the island.

Developed by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in the eastern province of Camagüey, Porvac, commercial name of the vaccine, will have an effectiveness above 90 percent in the control and eradication of CSF, researchers said.

In statements to the Cuban News Agency, the director of the institution, Jesus Zamora, stated that the data collection should be completed for the first quarter, in order to obtain the control entity at the Ministry of Agriculture, and then start marketing.

The presence in the national market of Gavac, a vaccine against the bovine tick, is expected, as part of the work projections of the scientific center for 2017.