Cuban Workers' Statement against the Economical, Commercial and Financial Blockade Imposed by The USA’s Government against Cuba

The Central Workers’ Union of Cuba (CTC) and its national trade union branches, few days before of showing up for twentieth seventh consecutive occasion the Cuba’s report against the blockade imposed by USA’s government in an unilateral way against our people in front of the General Assembly of the United Nations, call workers of all latitudes to get involved in the worldwide working journey from October 25th to October 31st. along with social speakers and from trade union movement in order to condemn this cruel and genocide policy that impedes to fully increase the production levels, services, and to achieve the prosperous and sustainable development of our people. This call compromises us in the fight against the injustices that today are committed around the world.

The damages accumulated due to the blockade during almost six decades of implementation reach the figure of 933 thousand 678 million dollars taking into account the dollar depreciation in front of the value of the gold in the international market. At current prices, the blockade has caused quantifiable damages for over 134 thousand 499 million 800 thousand dollars.

The Cuban workers consider that blockade constitutes a violation of human rights and that it is the principal obstacle for our development and as creators of the wealth we will come forward searching solutions to the difficulties to turn each working place into impregnable bastion that, even in the most adverse circumstances, will keep on fulfilling our internationalist duty, and raising our voice in defence of justice anywhere around the world.

With the arrival of President Donald Trump, the United States took up again the strategy of new outbreak of the blockade and increased the subversion against Cuba. These aspects show the hostility of its policy. For that reason we should condemn the economical war that is carried out against us.

Workers all over the world:

During all these years we have counted on the solidarity of the international and class-oriented trade union movement facing the inhuman policy that only has achieved the suffering of several Cubans' generations as well as the impossibility that workers could achieve the economical development that allows them to satisfy their needs.

Everybody to vote against the Blockade!