Cubanos en UK denounces the effects of the US blockade against Cuba affecting humanitarian aid.

In an interview with Sputnik, Daniesky Acosta denounced the extraterritorial effect of the US blockade against Cuba, which was once again demonstrated in the difficulties experienced in the most recent campaign organized by the Association "Cubanos en UK" to raise funds.  Two digital microfinance platforms, Crowdfunding and JustGiving, closed the pages where donations were being collected for the purchase of syringes to support the vaccination program against COVID-19 in Cuba. According to the association's coordinator, the closure took place without warning or explanation. "It is truly criminal and shameful to block humanitarian aid intended to save lives," he stated.

Acosta also referred to the fact that Cubanos en UK will be represented in several cities in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland on the 27th and 28th of March, together with the International Caravan to End the Blockade, an initiative that emerged in the United States and was supported by Cuban residents in Canada, "although they will be small groups in order to comply with the measures established against the spread of the pandemic. It is necessary to take to the streets to protest. This way we can draw attention, motivate more people and explain that this policy is cruel and unjust," he concluded.







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