Cubans and Namibians honor the Commander in Chief on the anniversary of his death.

Cubans and Namibians honor the Commander in Chief on the anniversary of his death.

Namibia, November 25th, 2019- With the presence of Ambassador Sidenio Acosta and Martha Shilyomunhu, principal of the “Fidel Castro Ruz” Elementary School, the members of the Cuban State Mission in Namibia, together with members of the Namibia -Cuba Friendship Association and "Patria" Association of Cuban Residents, paid tribute to the Commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution three years after his physical disappearance.

In the emotional tribute the historical significance of Fidel was recalled. His revolutionary work was also exalted from the assault on the Moncada Barracks until his death, without leaving out his decisive support for the struggle for the independence of several countries, including Namibia.

During the evening, as every year, Ambassador Acosta delivered, on behalf of the Cuban collaborators and the Embassy, ​​a voluntary contribution to the principal Shilyomunhu, to be used to improve the students' learning conditions.

The Cuban diplomat highlighted the validity of the revolutionary and emancipatory ideology of Fidel, in an international context where imperialism increases its aggressions against the peoples of the world.

For her part, the Namibia professor deeply thanked the gesture of the Cuban community. She also expressed the pride and commitment which represents for her teachers and students, the fact that the school bears the name of Fidel Castro.

“Fidel Castro Ruz” Elementary School is located in the Katutura neighborhood, the most disadvantaged in Windhoek, capital of Namibia. Around 1200 children study at the school, from first to seventh grade. Founded in 2007, with only 12 enrollment students, today it is a public educational center of national reference.


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