Cubans in Ethiopia hold an exchange on the IV Conference "The Nation and Emigration"

Addis Ababa, February 8, 2024. The Embassy of Cuba in Ethiopia held a meeting with Cubans residing in the country to exchange on the topics addressed in the IV Conference "The Nation and Emigration".

The ambassador to the diplomatic mission, Jorge Lefebre, recalled that the Conference held on November 18 and 19 in Cuba was a space to address migratory issues and others related to culture and identity, economic development and investments with the participation of Cubans in socioeconomic processes.  The Cuban Ambassador took the opportunity to thank the close contact of Cuban residents in Addis Ababa and their willingness to participate in the activities convened by the Embassy.

For her part, the Third Secretary in Charge of Consular Affairs, Natalys Dinza, offered a summary of the main issues raised by the participants in the IV Conference the Nation and Emigration, as well as the responses and proposals given by government officials in each panel.

The constant update on what is happening on the Caribbean island, the attention provided by the officials of the diplomatic headquarters always in favor of rapprochement with their compatriots in the African country was recognized by the Cuban residents participating in the meeting.



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