Cubans living in Seychelles celebrate their Annual Meeting 2023

Victoria, 26 November._ The Cuban Embassy in Victoria celebrated this Sunday the Annual Meeting of Cuban Residents in Seychelles.

The welcoming remarks were made by Ambassador Martha Hernandez Caneiro, who thanked for the opportunity to share this space for exchange and promotion of the links of the Embassy with the Cuban community in Seychelles. 

For his part, Consul Tomás Méndez Parra, presented the main results of the recently concluded IV Conference "The Nation and Emigration", held in Havana on November 18 and 19, as part of the continuous and irreversible strengthening of ties between Cuba and its nationals abroad.

The occasion was appropriate to congratulate and wish great success to young Liana Jean López, who will soon travel to Havana to begin her medical studies, through a scholarship granted by Cuba, for children of Cubans living abroad.

(Embacuba Seychelles)

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