Cubans living in the UK joined the international campaign "Bridges of Love" from the city of Birmingham.

London, 30 October 2022-. Yesterday afternoon, Cubans living in the United Kingdom joined the international campaign "Bridges of Love" from the British city of Birmingham.

Miriam Palacios, member of the leadership of the "Cubans in the UK" Association, expressed the commitment of Cubans living in the UK to continue building bridges of love towards their homeland and to fight against the US blockade of Cuba.

For her part, the first secretary in charge of Consular Affairs at the Cuban Embassy, Isaskun Concepción Leal, thanked the Association for its permanent and persevering work in support of Cuba and urged all those present to continue the struggle for the lifting of the criminal US blockade policy against Cuba.

Birmingham is an important English city located in the West Midlands region of England, in the United Kingdom. In terms of population, it is considered the second largest and most populous city in the country after London. The city's reputation was forged as the locomotive of the Industrial Revolution in that European country, being known as "The Workshop of the World" or the "City of a Thousand Trades".

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