Cubans living in the United Kingdom joined the solidarity initiative "A Ton of Love for Pinar del Río".

London, November 11, 2022-. The Association "Cubanos in UK" joined the solidarity initiative "A Ton of Love for Pinar del Río".

From the hands of Miriam Palacios, member of the leadership of the aforementioned Association, 100 kilograms of basic necessities were sent from the United Kingdom to Paris, where, early today, the caravan of Cubans in Europe started its journey to support Cuba.

The caravan left for the Belgian city of Liège, a transit point to the city of Bonn, Germany, and will end its journey in the German capital, Berlin. In each of these cities, loads of a wide range of products will continue to be added for subsequent shipment to the Caribbean country. It was announced that the intention is to dispatch the solidarity cargo by air at the end of November or early December.

"A Ton of Love for Pinar del Río" is an initiative of the Juntos X Cuba channel, in response to the damages caused by Hurricane Ian in the western part of the Greater Antilles and with the purpose of uniting Cubans around the aid and solidarity to Cuba.

This initiative is part of a group of activities and actions planned to be carried out on the occasion of the celebration of a new edition of the Meeting of Cuban Residents in Europe (ECRE), to be held in Berlin, from November 18 to 20.

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