Cubans residents in Namibia condemn US blockade.

Cubans residents in Namibia condemn US blockade.

Namibia, October 27th, 2019- The VIII National Meeting of Cuban Residents in Namibia was held on on last Saturday, October 26th, at the Residence of the Ambassador of Cuba in this African country. The meeting was chaired by the head of the Cuban Diplomatic Mission, Sidenio Acosta, and Rafael Ramírez, president of the “Patria” Association, an organization that brings together Cubans living in this nation.

The Cuban Ambassador updated the attendees of the Cuban reality and highlighted the latest economic measures implemented by the government of the Island. He also listed the most recent sanctions approved by the US administration to intensify the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba. He also informed those present about the next Cuban resolution against that US policy, which will be presented at the UN.

Similarly, the diplomat addressed the situation in Latin America. The Ambassador denounced the imperialist aggressions against Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia and reiterated the solidarity of the Cuban people and government with those countries.

On the other hand, he briefly updated on the excellent state of bilateral relations between Cuba and Namibia.

At another time during the meeting, Liset Echevarría, First Secretariat in charge of Consular Affairs, explained to the attending Cubans the procedures to carry out some consular services. Likewise, the Consul answered the questions raised by those present.

Rafael Ramírez, president of the “Patria” Association, consulted with fifty participants proposed to improve the organization and work of the group. Ramírez also submitted for approval the following statement that was unanimously accepted.

“Cubans in Namibia ratify the defense of national sovereignty and identity.

“The Association of Cuban Residents in Namibia ratifies today the commitment to work for the welfare and unity of its members, as well as for the defense of the sovereignty of our people. The members of the Association consider staying together as a space that fosters the voluntary grouping of those who are in favor of preserving national identity.

“This meeting is an opportunity to propose new ideas, update ourselves on the national reality, the new activities that will be organized within the association and to present various kinds of concerns.

“Attendees confirm the commitment with the Cuban government to work together and change everything that has to be changed for the benefit of our country and our people as well as maintain and improve achievements such as health and education.

“The Association reiterates the rejection of the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States for six decades, which has hindered the total development and economic independence of us Cubans by limiting our capabilities. We Cubans need peace to strengthen our present and our future as well as the future of future generations.

“The Association of Cubans in Namibia will preserve as main objectives the maintenance of Cuban identity, preserving the ethical values ​​in which we were formed by our families. We will work to try to rescue our historical traditions, strengthening the Cuban presence and national identity, with the necessary unity.

“Association of Cuban Residents in Namibia

October 26th, 2019”

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