Cubans in Trinidad and Tobago express their support for the Homeland during a day for dignity in defense of sovereignty in Cuba and against the blockade.

Port Spain, November 14th, 2021. The Cubans nationals from Trinidad and Tobago continue united in supporting the Homeland. Today, when Cuba has managed to reduce infections and deaths from Covid 19, without stopping for a minute to face and suffer the iron blockade that adds another 243 asphyxiation measures, we continue to make Revolution. Thanks to the science promoted by Fidel, in a very few months we were able to create 5 vaccine candidates, of which three are already highly effective vaccines and with them, we intend to immunize the entire town before the end of the year, from babies two years onwards. For that reason, with joy, we can see that our children and young people have returned to the classroom, the country begins a new stage, in which it opens its economy to investment and trade, incorporating small and medium-sized private companies, that will boost economic growth and give families greater well-being. It is also with satisfaction and hope that we see the country open its borders on September 15 to receive family members and tourists. Thousands of people will resume their activities in this important economic activity after long months of waiting. In the midst of this joy, the enemies of the Revolution persist in destabilizing the country, and they are determined to play the sad role of avoiding our joy after more than a year of fighting against the virus. These vendors inside and outside of Cuba will not be able to take away our smile, they will not be able to tarnish our party. Cuba, on November 15, will celebrate the victory over the pandemic, initiating a new normal; and it will have the same reasons as always, and even more, to defend its conquests, its right to exist as a sovereign country, the duty to defend its Constitution approved by more than 86% of its citizens. No Yanki or mercenary could prevent that together, together, we build the country that our heroes dreamed of and all those who for more than a century fell fighting for our happiness. #LaRazonEsNuestroEscudo #PatriaOMuerteVenceremos

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